Nag Champa Essential Oil Blend

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Lose yourself in the timeless exotic aroma of Indian incense with our Nag Champa essential oil blend!

The aroma belongs to a family of Indian incenses known as champas, which includes fragrances similar to champa—or plumeria—flowers.

Nag champa, which is perhaps the most popular, ties in the scent of cannonball tree (Couroupita guianensis) flowers—commonly called naga, which means “serpent” in Sanskrit—with notes of sandalwood and frankincense.

If you love bold, earthy scents such as sandalwood, and Cedarwood, you’re going to fall in love with our Nag Champa essential oil blend!!

Ingredients: Champaka , Frangipani , Opoponax , Sandalwood , Frankincense and Cedarwood.

Diffuse - 1 - 3 Drops in your diffuser or add 1 Drop to your aromatherapy bracelet