Our Story

JAM Designs

Jewellery that tells a story. 

It all started in 2018, with the "M" in JAM, on my daughter Melanie's Birthday wanting to have something tangible for people to wear to bring their aromatherapy on the go. 

We have always admired artisan jewellery, So I thought why not make something for people to enjoy on the go, and being a Huge advocated for Mental Health, this was a way for people to have a healing tool with them all the time.

We are a Female run company with 3 Generations of creators and designers and Mr. JAM working behind the scenes. We pride ourselves with our high standards, ethics, and principals.

Over the Years JAM Designs has become a household name and seeing people all over the world enjoying their unique one-of-a-kind creations. The passion of JAM Designs as a family-owned business reflects in the elegant craftsmanship, paired with inspired original designs.

Where we are now in 2023:

As a four-time Award Winning Business, in Jewellery and Aromatherapy. We have expanded our scope of designs, and we now create and design with Sterling Silver, Gold filled (Gold Vermeil). Every design tells a story, we are here to make your story come true and to be just as beautiful as you are, and the journey it took to get here.

Whether you are looking for a gift, or special occasion it is a gesture of emotion from the heart and signifies feeling with love and compassion to tell the story.

JAM Designs cares about Family, Friends, Clientele, Suppliers, and everyone supporting our growing business.

Jewel of the Lotus Essential Oils:

Our Essential oils are Canadian manufactured. Also, a four-time award winning in Aromatherapy

Our mission is to bring you affordable natural living options that keeps our customers, and community at the heart of everything we do.

Always educating on the proper use of essential oils and always safety first.

Our Jewel of the Lotus line of essential oils and natural products is always expanding to bring you as the consumer safe and trusted products. All of our products are also Licensed and certified through Health Canada, they carry their credentials with their NPN Numbers (Natural Product Numbers).