Mala Making 101 | eCourse or In - Person

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Mala Making Meditation Workshop:

eCourse + In - Person

Supplies Included 

Book Up to 6 at time of purchase for group functions.

Want to make one? Let us show you how to craft your very own set of mala beads from beginning to end! 

This version is a beginner mala you can choose the 108 beads that fit your intention, or ask one of our amazing JAM Designs : Designers and they will gladly help you choose your beads for your Mala specific to you.

There is a lot of labor that goes into every hand made mala. Expect to spend 2 - 3 hours or more if this is your first time making a mala.

Your mala is a physical reminder of your intention! You will be surprised how attached you will be to your mala and the energy it brings. Sometimes when life gets crazy, you need to bring it back to you!

Wear your mala, meditate with your mala or place it in a special place as a reminder of your intentions, dreams and where you want to go. Wear your intention and let it support your soul. They are gentle reminders that will keep you feeling like you!

Other things to note:
Mala beads recently have been surfacing all over the place as a beautiful fashion accessory. But there’s so much more to a mala than a stylish beaded necklace with a bohemian vibe. Mala, meaning “garland” in Sanskrit, have been used for centuries for meditation and prayer.

***NOTE: The Cost might vary depending on the Semi - Precious stones you choose***

*** You will also have the option of making a matching bracelet to go with your Mala , and if you visit our JAM Designs Crystal Shoppe you just might find a Crystal to suit your master piece***