Citrus Cleaning Drops

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Citrus Cleaning Drops 60 ML

Cleaning Oil Drops are a wonderful addition to all of your cleaning products.

Add 10-20 drops to your dish - soap, hand - soap or even laundry soap to improve the cleaning power in a natural way.  These drops have a fresh citrus scent and a great track record for scouring dirt and grease.

You can also add it to water and vinegar bases for effective natural disinfectant surface cleaners for use in yours home. It may also be used at full strength as a biodegradable solvent, without the negative impact that synthetic chemical solvents have on the user or to the environment.

Citrus fruits are a renewable resource and Cleaning Oil Drops are biodegradable.  they are generally regarded as safe – GRAS – although some people might be sensitive to it, so test yourself before using large quantities)

This oil is derived from the peel of citrus fruits and can cut through grease, wax, and oil very easily. When you see “orange oil” in products, that’s d-Limonene. Those cleansers you see in workshops and garages – the odds are the degreasing ingredient is d-Limonene. If you’re looking to make greener products, you’ll want to invest in d-Limonene.  

Cleaning Oil Drops are very versatile,  safer to use and more effective than commercial and industrial cleaners.

Ingredients:  d’limonene citrus terpenes, orange, lemon, Litsea Cubeba

Note: Not for therapeutic use, this is mostly used in green cleaning products.  Do not use this in your diffuser as it’s function is to be used as a cleaning booster.

Cautions: DO NOT DRINKessential oils.  Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.