"Balanced" Mala | Chakra Mala | Bracelet & Mala Set

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Chakra Mala Set 

  • Handmade
  • Materials: 8 mm Chakra stones, 7 chakra stones

    All chakra stones are carefully selected in color and properties.

    The chakras feed on the energy of our 7 Chakra systems we have in our bodies, also including the colors that we see in our homes, in nature, food , clothing, including those that are extremely active in receiving the energy of stones.

    The stones used for each Chakra

    • 7th (violet) for Crown

    • 6th (indigo) for Third-Eye

    • 5th (Blue) for Throat

    • 4th (Green) for Heart

    • 3rd (yellow) for Solar Plexus

    • 2nd (Orange) for Sacral

    • 1st  (Red) for Root


    Custom Design Available: We would love to custom design a unique and special mala, email: jamdesignsboutique@gmail.com