JAM Designs Academy - Essential Oil Safety Course

The JAM Designs Academy has developed and created an Essential Oil Safety Course, that is accredited through Health Canada.

Our goal for this Safety course is to provide you with an accredited certification, Upon competition of this 7-module course, assignments, and quizzes.

This is a Live on-line course

Who is this for?

  • Crafters
  • Product Developers

This convenient live on line course was developed in response to the rapidly growing Essential Oil Industry and related product development.

An ongoing focus for safety for everyone is our utmost concern and this course is no exception, especially when products are being designed for the most vulnerable:

  • children, babies and those who are pregnant.
  • Become Creditable 
  • Build More Confidence 

This course is great for Crafters and Product Developers. The On-Line course includes questions and blending projects.

***Pre- Register Now for February 2022 - Next Enrollment will be beginning of December 2021.

Looking forward to working with you all , and providing you with the correct Safety for with Essential Oils