The Small Business Course

The WELLNESS COMMUNITY is rapidly expanding.
There's not one corner of it that is not profitable.

More and more companies and small business owners are carving out a piece of the pie for themselves.

We are here to SHOW YOU all the fundamentals to  RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL - PROFITABLE & BALANCED Small Business for yourself!
So Let's Get Started!

Module 1 | What Are We Doing Here?
Build a starting point to your business!  How can your knowledge and best practices with oils help you now!?

Module 2 | This Is The Fun Stuff!
Let's Get Products Tried & Tested!  Where's Uncle Bob at....can he be your product tested?

Module 3 | Branding & Packaging!!
We know a thing or two about this!  Let's get you started!

Module 4 | Production Production Production...
Let's get you closer to your Small Business Launch!

Module 5 | Styled Photography - Website - Social Media
Never Say Never!  You are going to be the next BIGGEST thing!

Module 6 | It's GO TIME!
Let's walk you through the steps of a successful launch sequence of a product based business.

Module 7 | Map Out Your Flight Plan....regularly!
Check in with yourself every 3 months.  How is the business doing?  How can you improve?  Utilize our templates for GOALS and CHECKLISTS here!

Module 8 | Virtual Graduation Day!
Insert Happy Tears Here....We are celebrating you on all our feeds today....our own graduation party in your honour!  Thank you for proving that elbow still a useful tool!  Now go get em'!

CURRICULUM Contributors: Melanie Fry(credentials here), Danielle Vrana(credentials here), etc.
VALUE: $1999
COST: $255

EXTRAS: Canva Templates, Lightroom Presets, PowerPoint Templates, 17 Hats Discounts, & more.