Welcome Jammers!

We cannot begin to tell you how happy we are to virtually meet you here, on our site!  Take your time and enjoy all the information and products we have to offer.  We genuinely enjoy bringing you the absolute best, unique one-of-a-kind artisan Jewellery, and aromatherapy essentials.

Our team is comprised of three generations of jewellery and aromatherapy makers.  We work hard to bring you the latest greatest products and styles to enjoy day to day!

Our online store is just one of the many ways you can connect and experience JAM Designs Boutique.  We frequent many markets within our surrounding community.  We also offer wholesale opportunities to small shops across Canada.  If you need our product at a boutique near you, let them know that you think they should carry JAM Designs!  

Our current boutique collections are growing!  To incorporate our products in your Retail, Yoga Studio or Boutique email us!  jamdesignsboutique@gmail.com