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Not sure what it means to be an Ambassador?

JAM’s mission is to continuously strive to promote and elevate knowledge and exposure of our excellent products through networking with local Ambassadors/Influencers.

They achieve this goal by offering opportunities through our JAM Designs Boutique Ambassador Program, to try and use our brands at no cost other than to give us feedback on our products, written reviews on FB, and promoting to your Social Media circle, inviting to LIKE and Follow the JAM Designs Boutique pages. 

If you think becoming a JAM Ambassador through the JAM Designs Boutique Ambassador Program would suit you, please reach out and contact us! We would love to get to know you and start the process.

New Ambassadors are mentored by working along side the core founders to personally use and then honestly evaluate JAM’s signature products to advertise and promote our JAM product brands within your networks and social circles.

Our JAM Ambassadors will help us promote and build our strong network of like-minded individuals, who care about wellness, loved ones and the beauty of healing.

Feel like joining a community like this one?

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Sending light and love!

- The JAM Designs Team