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 Welcome Jammer!

We can't begin to tell you how happy we are to virtually meet you here, on our site!  Take your time and enjoy all the information and products we have to offer.  We truly enjoy bringing you the very best aromatherapy essentials.

Our team is comprised of three generations of jewellery and aromatherapy makers.  We work hard to bring you the latest greatest products and styles to enjoy day to day!

Our online store is just one of the many ways you can connect and experience JAM Designs Boutique.  We frequent many markets within our surrounding community.  We also offer wholesale opportunities to small shops across Canada.  If you need our product at a boutique near you, let them know that you think they should carry JAM Designs!  

Our current boutique roster is growing!  Want to have us in your boutique!?  Email us!  jamdesignsboutique@gmail.com



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La Petite Boutique | Whitby, Ontario

Our Salon & Spa | Oshawa, Ontario

Beyond Healing Pathways | Hamilton, Ontario

Poppies Cove | Bowmanville, Ontario

JAM Designs Pickup Point | Courtice, Ontario 

 We also work with local ambassadors to help lift and elevate our brand.  If you think joining the JAM Designs Boutique Ambassador Program is up your alley, please reach out!  We'd love to get to know you and start the process.

 Not sure what it means to be an Ambassador!?  You'd be working along side our core founders to order custom designs, products and aromas to advertise and promote in your networks and circles.  This is not a MLM system or set up.  You'd physically be gifted items.  In return you'd document and share them on your social media channels.  Ambassadors can pause and restart their contracts with us at anytime.  Everyone deserves a vacation, but really....who needs a vacation away from Aromatherapy.


 Shopping with us, for the first time!?  

Not to worry!  We have something for everyone.  Not only that, we have answers to all your questions too!  So don't be shy!  We want to make sure your purchase is 100% adored.  

Asking for more information, samples on products or bulk orders is never a problem.  We are here to make your experience enjoyable, so you keep coming back for more.

 Love & Light,

The JAM Designs Team